" My Work Satisfaction Comes from Giving Customer Satisfaction and Going that Extra mile Unexpectedly "

  • “I Can Honestly Say I Wish I Had Found Him 10 Years Earlier”

    Why did you choose me as your professional web designer?

    Andrew is very knowledgeable and thorough in everything he does and is also very experienced in his field. He has exceeded my expectations in both the design and research he has done to help us get the best out of our website. We have had a number of website companies and so called SEO experts over the past 10 years to try and achieve the results Andrew has, none of which have even come close. The other companies we have used in the past have also charged a lot more for these services which is why I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a professional, affordable and friendly service. I can honestly say I wish I had found him 10 years earlier as it would have saved me a lot of time, money and headaches which has been wasted on these other companies.

    Would you recommend my service to others? If so, why?

    I have been using the services of Interweb Dynamics (Andrew Jennings) for almost 12 months and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a company to undertake their website and SEO needs.

    Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to working with you for the unforeseeable future.


    Steve Dowd Web Design Client Review
    Steve Dowd
    Business Owner - A-Joiner / A-Z Blinds Runcorn

“A web designer that takes the time to understand what you want”

Andy has produced a very professional website for me, helped me out alot on the content and the SEO of the site. The result, has given me a fast website that now ranks on the first page of google and also a simple upgrade option to move into online direct booking payments (which as Andy suggested) it’s already now been requested by my many of my customers and I’m more than happy for Andy to take care of in this second phase of our websites development.

If you are looking for personalized service, one on one time with a web designer that takes the time to understand what you want, Andy @ Interweb Dynamics is for you. Trust me on this!

Dave-W Web Design Client Review Testimonial
Owner - Snorkel Pattaya

“Not afraid to put forth a little extra care and effort”

After looking through countless cookie cutter style web designers, I came across Andrew Jennings. I decided to choose him for my professional website because he has an eye for the things that should be included in a website and the things that should be left out. Everyone nowadays is using the same old templates without any real customization to them and Andrew did it differently.

I was more than satisfied with both the time and effort that you put forward on my project and the final project turned out better than I had thought it could ever have done. I would recommend your services 100% and would use you again in the future for any of my web design needs. If you are reading this and are looking for someone that is not afraid to put forth a little extra care and effort where it is required, Andy is definitely your man and will get you satisfied and sorted.

Thanks again for a great job!

Paul Freitas
Owner - The SweetSpot

Andy’s Insight and Imagination for Design Really Blew Me Away

Why did you choose me as your professional web designer?

After having a bad experience with my first attempt on our web site, I met Andy whilst diving and found out that he was a web designer and offered him the chance to build the RebreathersThailand.com site.  After my1st go around with another “fly-by-night” web design outfit, I had little hope that this would be much better. Andy’s insight and imagination for the site design really blew me away

Would you recommend my service to others? If so, why?

YES, Andy talked about what I wanted and after a few consolations; he came up with a much different look than I had thought would be a good site. I have no real idea what works and what fails. Our original site was a complete “fail”. Explorerdivingandsupply.com & RebreathersThailand.com on the other hand were a shock. The look and feel of the sites was so far past my expectations; I wanted to have his children HAHA.

Since then, I have used his services and now we are looking to revamp another of our older websites.

Both Web Design Projects were far and beyond what I thought we could achieve, and although we are still tweaking the sites, they are very professional and I would have no trouble keeping him and recommending his talent to others and know he will pull through and make each site unique and top shelf.

Thanks Andy! 6 stars out of 5

Wesley Copley
Owner - Explorer Diving & Rebreathers Thailand

“Andy Showed More Attention and Efficiency than Anyone Else”

Why did you choose me as your professional web designer?

Our website was built in house and over the years it showed, Andy rebranded our site, updated our wordpress installation and streamlined everything, taking it to a new level which resulted in a massive boost to the site speed and SEO ranking.

We had quotes from other website companies but feel Andy showed us more attention and efficiency than anyone else, and also at much better value than quoted by others.

Would you recommend my service to others? If so, why?

Without a doubt YES! We were very impressed with the customer service, skills and dedication of Andy Jennings @ Interweb Dynamics.

We want to thank Andy for his professionalism and help and we highly recommend Interweb Dynamics for all website needs.

Mat Payne Web Design Client Review
Mat Payne
Owner - Pattaya Technical and Cave Divers
  • “If you want a friendly, professional and dedicated expert working for you, Andy will not disappoint you.”

    Andy has worked with me now for more than 4 years, he took our original website and transferred it from old non responsive website over to a responsive wordpress site, keeping the original sites established feel and design in tack. Since that cross over he took on our SEO and content development, he is actually a professional dive instructor as well as webmaster, which meant, unlike other web designers ive worked with, he understands exactly what my website should, could and can say to our dive customers. He also helps our social media marketing, getting everything all linked and branded and everyone involved to help produce content and create a friendly professional looking social environment for our customers, bringing new ideas and expanding on elements to keep everything moving forward and our presence fresh and up to date online. I dont know how hes done it but these days www.divecentrepattaya.com is now in the prime spot light appearing not only as the number 1 ranking in google for our search terms but also 2nd and 3rd first page ranking positions aswell in some cases!

    Since the success of the first website I’ve had him build 3 more expanding my brand into specific areas, The latest site (www.divepattaya.com) I left and trusted almost entirely to his judgement and it is an amazing example of what you can achieve with his help and expertise.

    I really dont want to endorse him because I’d much rather keep him all to myself but seriously if you want a friendly, professional and dedicated expert working for you, Andy will not disappoint you.

    David Wright Webdesign SEO Client Review
    Dave Wright
    Owner - Pattaya Dive Center